In Memory

John Gunter

John Gunter


John R. Gunter graduated from Needham Broughton in 1961.  The wording that was stated under his senior picture in the Latipac was “loves that sophomore.” That sophomore was Glenda Klingman.  They dated for 6 years and were married June 18th, 1966.  In looking back, they both felt how lucky they were to have found one another at such a young age.  Both agreed that they found the love of their life.  They have three wonderful children; Scott, Chad and Johnsye.  There are now 6 fabulous grandchildren.

John graduated from NC State in 1966 in Industrial Engineering.  The one thing that he learned from his years at State was that he didn’t want to be an Industrial Engineer.  He was hired by General Electric Company for their Technical Sales Program.  John and Glenda moved 9 times all over the United States to further his career and when he retired, he was The Heartland Regional Manager of North America Power Systems Sales. They were fortunate to be able to travel and enjoyed entertaining the many customers.

Upon his retirement, they first moved and built a home in Ocean Ridge Plantation, Ocean Isle Beach, NC.   They then moved and built a home in Tidewater Plantation, North Myrtle Beach, SC where Glenda is now living.  John loved to play lots of golf, but felt he wanted to do more.  He worked for a local builder and to him it wasn’t work.  He loved meeting new people and helping them with their new homes to fulfill their dreams. 

John died of Pancreatic Cancer on June 5, 2008.  He was a true Southern Gentleman who loved Glenda, his Family, and friends and he had a contagious zest for life.  He was the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!